As experts in software visualization and social technologies, we study how technology can help people explore, understand and share complex information and knowledge.

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BioMixer is a Web-based environment for visualizing and exploring biomedical ontologies. It is the underlying technology for the visualization components found in BioPortal, the world’s most comprehensive repository of biomedical ontologies.

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Atlantis is an assembly trace analysis tool built in Eclipse. It provides novel trace annotation and navigation techniques to support software security engineers performing exploitability analysis.

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Why You Should Use GitHub Banner

Why You Should Use GitHub: Lessons for the Classroom

An unexpected area where GitHub's collaborative workflow holds the potential to bring groundbreaking changes is education and learning. In fact, educators have already begun to use GitHub to support teaching and learning.

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How Search Became Your Company’s Most Valuable Programmer Banner

How Search Became Your Company’s Most Valuable Programmer

This is a series of posts about how software development and programmers have become increasingly reliant on developer communities like Stack Overflow and search engines to help them develop and ship code. We think this is a fundamental shift in the nature of software development that has wide ranging implications, but first a little story.

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